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If the tile you'd like is not yet listed in the shop, call or email

 to place your order.

  The tiles can be tailored to your size and color specifications.


 I look forward to working with you and providing you with these

handmade tiles.


Things to know when purchasing handmade tile:

  • The variations in handmade tiles are what make them uniquely appreciated and enjoyed.

  • While minimally perceptible once installed and grouted, individual tiles vary in length and width.  

  • Slight cupping, bending and bowing will be present in some of the tiles - meaning they will not be machine-made square, nor machine-made flat.  Every tile that is provided to you will have been inspected and approved as meeting the standards you see represented in the example images on this website, with each one sent to you deemed ready for installation.

  • From tile to tile, there will be some variance in color, as glaze finish is variable from kiln shelf to kiln shelf and firing to firing.

  • The main clay body used is a white stoneware with grog. A feature of those tiles that are  glazed in the light, transparent glazes (namely, the very light celadons, which are the water-color like glazes) may, on occasion, present very faint specks/dots of copper color, resulting from the grog processes.

  • Please allow four to eight weeks from the date of order for the tiles to be ready for shipping or pick-up. The tiles may be ready sooner than this.

  • The minimum order is a single square foot.

  • The tiles are not returnable as they are made to order.

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