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Color Options & Washes
Beyond Shades of Grey

     Clear Glaze on Main Claybody and Raku Claybody

Tiles showing the full, natural color of the two clay bodies used by Ruggiero Artisan Tile - a white stoneware and a Raku - are excellent options for locations where an appreciation for minimalism and the colors earth-tones are at the center of the design theme. The word "Raku" in Japanese has been translated as meaning "ease, comfort or relief," which indeed many of us find nature to provide.  



All of the glaze color options shown above work with Raku, presenting a slightly more sandy/grainy expression of the colors, most notably with the transparent celadons.


Further enhance your botanical imprints with a color wash. The Rutile is a gentle yellowish hue, the cobalt is less subdued, also giving a bluish tone to the whole tile when used, while the copper provides a slightly metallic greenish-black. 

Additional Notes on Color

Keep in mind that due to the variations in computer and phone screen presentations, and the nature of capturing color digitally, the colors on this site are close approximations to what you will see and experience in person.


A handful of these glazes have a higher level of variability.  If you are wondering if one of the glazes you have in mind is one of these, please don't hesitate to ask.

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