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Backsplash Centerpieces

These custom compositions tell a story.

Their top, middle and bottom are like the story's beginning, middle and end. Centerpiece Compositions are a superb choice as a backsplash for the space behind a sink or stove. 

Straightforward to install, compositions are typically arranged with more than one centerpiece tile and are installed as diptychs or triptychs, often with a border.


Backsplash Centerpieces Include:

 1. One or more panels

2. Border tiles, if desired

Color Options for Panels

The Panels are

composed of two colors.

Panel Top Colors: choose one

Pacific Fog


Yellow Hibiscus

Panel Bottom Color

Shell Lake

Shell Lake is the most sensitive glaze I use in my studio. When we are in touch, I can tell you the colors it is firing (based on temp and number of coats) at the time of our communication, but it is always subject to change. Sometimes it is more green, sometimes more blue, sometimes more brown/blue mix.

The border tiles are usually hand scored, imprinted with wood or plant material, or a combination.

Colors that work very nicely as border colors are Shimmering Slate, Peat Fire, Golden Umber and Chimayo

Dragonflies and other insects are a wonderful feature of these panels. Quantity, type and location are all customizable

The plant material I have available varies, but often I use wheat, MN Grass, Phillips Grass and Broomcorn...let me know if you have a preference and if you would like more or less of the plant material.

Also, plant material can be just a few stalks running the length of the panel, or I can add a little forest along the bottom of the panel.

Finally, the imprints can be washed with Rutile or Copper to further highlight the insects and plants...the examples on this webpage show what they may look like. Rutile is more subtle, while copper presents a green "pop."

The panel tiles can be a variety of sizes, with a common starting size of 6 inches by 12 inches per panel, two panels making a square foot. Let me know the size of the space and I can share a few sketches of panel and border tiles for that particular rectangular space.  Border tiles are often 1", 1.5" or 2" wide and length varies.

These backsplashes can also be mounted on a tile substrates, grouted, and fitted with D-rings for hanging.

Ruggiero Artisan Tile is happy to design a backsplash centerpiece for the particular space you have.

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