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 Permanent Collection of Plants for

Botanical Imprints

These plants are part of the permanent collection of botanical imprint options. They are available all four seasons, while supplies last. Many glazes pool in lovely ways in botanical imprints, such as the transparent, bright and vivid water-color-like celadon glazes, or the more complex glazes such as "Shell Lake" or "Miso" that reveal unique layers of color when flowing into and around the crevices and contours of imprints.  See color options for the array (celadon glazes are noted as such). Suggestions for ideal glazes on imprints can easily be provided upon request.

 Seasonal Collection of Plants for

Botanical Imprints

Below are additional options during the warmer months, when they are growing, as it is the fresh leaves and flower buds that provide the compelling imprints.   Please be in touch for availability.

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