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Loading the Kiln and Listening

I was loading the kiln today and listening to a CD a friend gave me around 2011.

When I first listened to it those years ago, I was struck by how varied the pieces were and how it was an engaging mix of new and familiar.

Most striking on the CD, right in the middle, was this that I had never heard before:

I don't think I have yet to listen to it without experiencing chills and tears.

After the kiln was loaded I came inside to learn, finally today, of the orator, Omali Yeshitela.

He speaks about a variety of social issues, with a wide-view lens on world events, from both the past and present. I see that also in 2011 he gave at least one speech directly about police brutality. He adds perspective to an understanding of events like the one on 38th and Chicago, just a few blocks away.

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